Indian Dolls

These dolls are distinctive in their appearance as they are represented in a unique way. Learn More »

Batik Painting

Batik in Japanese means writing on cloth. It traces its origins to the island of Java in Indonesia, way back almost 2000 years ago. Learn More »

Dancing Ganesha

Having Lord Ganesh in this pose assures success to the person. Learn More »

Bani Thani Painting

The regions that contributed to the development of the Bani Thani Painting were Bikaner, Bundi, Kota, Amber, Jaipur, and Kishangarh. Learn More »

Blue Pottery

Blue Pottery is a form of art which consists of making various forms of pottery using Persian blue dye to color the clay. Learn More »


About brings to you the Indian Arts & handicrafts created by the artists and craftsmen in traditional techniques, designs and colors. We invite you to explore and experience the enthralling world of Indian Artifacts, Indian Painting, Metalware, Stonework, Woodwork, Terracotta, Jewelry, Lac WorkGlass work, Leatherware, Blue Pottery, Home Decor items and traditional Indian Puppets.

Indian Arts  & Handicrafts
India is a land of art & crafts. The creativeness and artistic skills of people of India known all over the world.

Indian Paintings – The Miniature paintings of India are well known. Miniature paintings were being made in India since 16 th Century. Palaces, Havelies, even huts are commonly having Walls and ceilings covered with colorful paintings in India. Some of the finest paintings can be seen in havelis of the Shekhawati region and the ancient towns of Bundi and Kota. And some of the most humorous on the walls of houses tucked away in the lanes of Jaisalmer.

Metalware – Metal work of India like enameled, engraved and filigree cut work on silver and brassware is a glory of India.

TerracottaBeautiful reddish coloured glazed pottery with different designs

Jewellery- The unique designs of India jewellery like rakhri, bal, bajuband, gajra and gokhru are famous all over the world

Lac & Glass – Lac bangles in laid with glass is one of the artistic creation of India

Sandalwood- The small decorative pieces of sandalwood are famous for carving work.

Floor Coverings- woolen carpets and cotton durries are famous for their design and simplicity.

Leatherware- Mojari or Juti (Rajasthani footwear) are one of the popular footwear of the India. These Juties are available with embroidery of beautiful colours. It is made of camel leather.

Textiles- The hand block prints, Tie & die or bandhni are well known all over the world for its artistic style and pattern.

Blue Pottery: India is the home of glazed blue-pottery. flower pots, vases, bowls, water pots and other objects are produced in traditional geometrical and floral motifs, as well as hand-painted details of Indiai legends. The thriving Blue Pottery of Jaipur dates back to the 16th century when the influences of China Man Singh II of Amber through his contacts with the Mughal rulers of Delhi.

This unique art of pottery that does not use clay but resorts to crushed quartz instead, went into decline with the withdrawal of royal patronage. It was given a fresh lease of life by renowned artist Kripal Singh Shekhawat.

Puppets is an ancient and popular form of folk entertainment. No village fair, no religious festival and no social gathering in India can be complete without Puppets. With their sparkling eyes and brightly colored dresses, the kathputlis, gives unforgettable experience.

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